Are you a real doctor?

My patients certainly hope so!



Really, really?  

Ok this is getting weird now..

Can I ask you for medical advice?

Sorry - please see your own doctor.  I am a real doctor but not your real doctor.    

Do you have any qualifications in history?

Not medical history per se, this is more of a hobby.  But I do have an undergraduate degree in the history of Asian societies.  (My path to medicine was a strange one...) 

Why are you so obsessed with Louis XVI's penis?

 Wouldn't you be?

Can I use your posts elsewhere?

Sure!  But please be so kind to contact me first.  I don't bite. Much.  

Can I make suggestions for posts? 

Absolutely!  If there's anything you'd like to see me address - comment here and I'll  do my best to talk about whatever it may be eventually.

By this stage hopefully you have worked out that my major skill is procrastination - so just don't expect a speedy response.

Are you taking guest posts?

At this stage I am not introducing any sponsored content, sorry.

What about advertising?

 I am selective about the type of advertising I am happy to have appear on the site (mainly I'd like it to be interesting!)  Please contact me at crazedturkey <at> gmail <dot> com and we can talk about your offer.