Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Finding Gonorrhoea

Long term followers of this blog will know that here at medical history we enjoy a good story about a sexually transmitted infection.

Normally it's syphilis but today I thought we'd make a side track into gonorrhoea. 

Monday, June 8, 2015

Digitalis - or putting my toddler into heartblock

My family and I have recently moved to a different part of the country and while I wait for the paperwork to go through to start a new job I am getting on with planting a garden in our new home.  I came home with seeds - pansies, sunflowers, violets and foxglove all of which looked very pretty on the packet and was planting them while my toddler enthusiastically "helped" (as toddlers do).

It wasn't until I was about ready to plant and looking at the packet for a second time that a bell started ringing in my head.  I turned it over and sure enough, there in very small print was the warning that foxglove was poisonous if ingested.  With the small tornado enthusiastically eating grass beside me, the seeds were quickly disposed of in the bin.

So what is foxglove, apart from quite pretty?

(public domain image sourced from wikipedia)

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

General Practice Past: Dr Ettie Lyons

If any of you follow my Facebook or twitter feeds you will know me to be a proud (and recently vocal) General Practitioner.  You will also know that in the last little while my specialty has taken a political beating and I am not the only GP feeling more than a little devalued and questioning my choice of career.

I had been planning and researching this particular series for a while - delayed as always due to a busy life.  I'm bringing it forward for my own purpose - to find inspiration in the amazing doctors who went before me in this remarkable specialty of mine. 

We will start with Dr. Ettie Lyons.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Asthma cigarettes

Some of you may have seen this particular image doing the rounds a while back.  I'm guilty of posting it myself without comment to my facebook page because, you know, smoking and asthma!  Funny!

As with every meme that does the rounds on facebook, however, the wider historical context of this one probably got a little bit missed in the details. 

So let's have a little bit of a chat about 'Asthma cigarettes'. 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Dr. Richard Mead - Generous Georgian

I recently got invited to the opening of an exhibition at the Foundling museum.  Your correspondent was doubly excited a) because she has never been taken seriously as a blogger before and b) because it was about a really interesting character named Dr. Richard Mead. 

Also your correspondent really enjoys a good medical history exhibit. 

Unfortunately she ran up against the smallish problem whereby she lives in Australia with a toddler and an obstetric practice and the exhibition is in London. 

The people at the Foundling museum have been kind enough to bring the exhibition to me, and today I am going to bring a little of it to you.  If you are in London, though, please go, tell me how awesome it is and turn me green with jealousy!